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How is Work?

Repair Process

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Book a service according to what suits you best, when it suits you best.


Driver or crane will come for your vehicle, or you can also take it.


See at all times what status your vehicle have.


You can go to the workshop to pick up the vehicle or the workshop itself can bring it to you.

Warranty and Security

We focus on speed and security, wherever you go

Each workshop passes a series of validations to offer a 100% secure service with guarantees to the end customer.

We have set in motion more than 100,000 mechanical workshops in Spain, the United States, Portugal, Andorra and more.


Facilitate communication and increase the confidence of mechanical workshops with the final clinete.

Today and the last

Integrations that allow transparency in processes and control over repairs and their process.

The impact on society

The impact is to reduce costs and optimize the automotive industry, giving the solutions that are optimal.

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Repair and take care.

The best of Pits Technologies, have the necessary transparency and the best management of the workshops.

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